It was an honor to discuss “Damascus Countdown” at the Kansas Book Festival.

Addressing the 3rd Annual Kansas Book Festival in the House Chamber.

Addressing the 3rd Annual Kansas Book Festival in the House Chamber.

>> UPDATE (local coverage):

(Topeka, Kansas) — It was an honor to address the 3rd Annual Kansas Book Festival on Saturday here in Topeka. Some two dozen local and nationally-known authors spoke about their books and the journey they have been on as writers.

During my presentation, I addressed several hundred attendees in the House Chamber in the State Capitol. I discussed how I left my career working for a number of U.S. and Israeli leaders and began writing my first novel, The Last Jihad in early 2001, and some of the books that have followed. Then I focused more specifically on Damascus Countdown — why I wrote it, the geopolitical context of the novel and the series, and the Bible prophecies of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 that I wove into the plot. Then we had a fascinating Q&A session. People asked great questions — some about Israel, Syria and Iran; others about themes from my book, Implosion; and some about my faith and Bible prophecy. Afterwards, I signed books for people and answered more of there questions.

The Governor was not there, as he was attending the State Fair all day. Nor were legislators there. This was an event for the public, and it was very special — well organized, lively, and very engaging. First Lady Mary Brownback and her team deserve great credit for putting on an amazing event that drew several thousands to all the very presentations.

Having never spoken in Kansas before, I was honored to be invited and grateful to be part of it. Thanks to everyone who attended — it was a joy to meet you!

As the official press materials stated: “The 3rd Annual Kansas Book Festival will feature more than 25 locally and nationally-known authors who will give presentations throughout the day on their most recent books. The festival’s goal is to promote literacy and a love for reading among Kansans of all ages by hosting this day-long festival, awarding grants to libraries across the state and encouraging children to become writers through their annual writing contest. You can find more information, including the 2013 schedule, by visiting their website at”