Video: Fox News’ Martha MacCallum interviews Joel Rosenberg on #Isaiah17 & future of Damascus.

FoxNews-marthamaccallum(Washington, D.C.) — “How about this to think about today — the crisis in Syria may be more than just a current foreign policy problem,” noted Fox News Channel anchor Martha MacCallum during a Tuesday afternoon segment. “With some seeing signs of Biblical prophecies of the apocalypse in the events that are unfolding overseas, passages in the Old Testament to Damascus falling into ruins, sparking worldwide conflict that some say leads to the coming of the Messiah.”

“Joel Rosenberg is a former aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and he is a Middle East analyst who has written several books on this issues,” said MacCallum. “Welcome, Joel. Good to have you with us today….You know, I think it’s very interesting to look at this from that historic, Biblical perspective….Explain to us — take us through Isaiah and what’s your thinking is on what the Bible says about this.”

We then discussed the prophecies of Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 concerning the future of Damascus, and whether the Bible really says that historic capital will be judged and obliterated in the last days. 

I noted several times the importance of not jumping to conclusions, since we don’t know whether these prophecies will come true in our lifetime. That said, I noted that they could come true soon, and that it’s important to understand what the prophecies say and what they mean, examining them in their “historical-grammatical” context. I also mentioned how these prophecies are factored into my novel, Damascus Countdown. The segment runs about five minutes.

>> To watch the video of the interview, please click here.

>> To watch the video of the interview Joel did on Neil Cavuto’s show on Monday, please click here.

UPDATE: There continues to be much skepticism and criticism of those who are encouraging people to study these prophecies. Here are a few new examples:


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