Must-read report describes “Iran’s 30+ year war with the United States.”

report-secureamericanow(Washington, D.C.) — A timely and sobering report has just been published that describes the deadly war the government of Iran has waged against American citizens since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

From the taking of American hostages in Tehran by Iranian students, to the killing of 241 Marines in Beirut by a terrorist group directed and funded by Iran, to Iran’s role in murdering U.S. soldiers in Iraq, the report makes clear the Iranian regime is not just taunting the American people, they are killing our people, and doing so with impunity.

The document — “Iran’s 30+ Year War With The United States” — was produced by Secure America Now, an organization of Americans committed to analyzing and strengthening U.S. national security. “

As the Obama Administration ‘engages’ in talks with Iran, it is important to keep in mind Iran’s protracted war against the American people and innocents everywhere,” notes the press release announcing the report. “On the 30th anniversary of the Iranian planned attack on a Marine base in Lebanon that killed 241 peacekeepers, Secure America Now is releasing documentation of Iran’s bloodthirsty assault on Americans. Keep this record in mind and imagine how dangerous it would be if Iran had nuclear devices, such as Dirty Bombs, to supply to terrorists and use for killing civilians.”

The non-profit groups encourages people to “share this fact book with your friends and anyone you know who thinks the Iranian regime is just another country looking to develop peaceful nuclear weapons” and notes that “Iran’s 30 + Year Record should lead every reasonable person to understand that Iran’s nuclear program is definitely not ‘peaceful.'”

I commend it to your attention.


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