Iranian Member of Parliament: We need nuclear bomb ‘to put Israel in its place’

“Iranian parliament representative Muhammad Nabavian said that Iran needs a  nuclear bomb because of Israel,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

“We don’t aspire to obtain a nuclear  bomb, but it is necessary so we can put Israel in its place,” Nabavian said in a  speech given on Friday and quoted by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research  Institute).

“The Iranian Tasnim News Agency website, which first quoted  Nabavian, later removed the comment about Iran needing a nuclear bomb, according  to the MEMRI report,” the Post reported. “Nabavian also revealed statements made to the  Iranian parliament by President Hassan Rouhani, demonstrating that the US  administration was pressing hard for a meeting with him.”

“After I won the  elections, [US President Barack] Obama relayed a message to me, [even] before  [my September 2013] visit to New York. The White House contacted me five  times seeking a meeting. Now the question must be asked: Why does this  superpower insist on meeting Iran’s president… while calling us a third-world  [country]?” said Rouhani.


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