FamilyFiction magazine publishes cover story on “The Auschwitz Escape.”
































Family Fiction/Edge magazine published a cover story this month on The Auschwitz Escape.

If you are interested, you can read it by clicking here, or here.

Here are the first few paragraphs:

Many authors write about topics that intrigue them, but few others venture to write about historically sacred events, such as the Holocaust. With courage and conviction, well-known author Joel C. Rosenberg has ventured into historical suspense and done just that with his new novel, The Auschwitz Escape (Tyndale House).

In November 2011, Joel and a group of friends visited the infamous Auschwitz death camp in Poland. “It was haunting to realize that more than one million people were systematically murdered there, most of them Jews,” says Joel. While there he purchased a book to learn more about the camp. He then learned that several people actually escaped from the clutches of the Nazis at Auschwitz….