“The Auschwitz Escape” now 4th week on New York Times best-seller list. Thank you.

NYT_home_bannerThank you all so much for the continued support and enthusiasm you’ve shown for The Auschwitz Escape.

We’ve just learned it will remain on the New York Times’ hardcover fiction best-seller list for the fourth week in a row. The first two weeks it was #11. The last two weeks it has been #20.

I’m deeply grateful for all of you who have talked about the book with friends, and have written reviews of the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other book sites, on Facebook, your blogs, Twitter, and other social media. If you haven’t done so yet, please feel free to post a review on our “Epicenter Team” page on Facebook. I love to get your feedback.

My family and I are humbled by the interest in this new novel — and the true stories that inspired the book — and your encouraging reactions. God bless you! We so appreciate your support.

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