Tale of two speeches: Palestinian leader at UN accuses Israel of “genocide” & “war crimes.” But Jordan’s King delivers moderate, peaceful, constructive address. Full texts & analysis.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of "genocide" during speech to the UN General Assembly this week.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of “genocide” during speech to the UN General Assembly this week.

UPDATED: This week in New York City, leaders from around the world are addressing the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly (GA). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently flying to New York to meet with President Obama and address the GA. His speech is scheduled for Monday. I will provide the full text and analysis at that time.

So far, speeches by two Arab leaders have drawn my attention. Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas both addressed the GA in recent days. I would strongly encourage you to read both texts. The contrast between the two was stark.

Here are key excerpts from the speeches and a bit of analysis that I Tweeted out on Saturday:

  • Jordan’s King at UN: “Arab Christians are an integral part of my region’s past, present & future” & must be protected. Jordan’s King at UN: “Islam prohibits violence against Christians.”
  • Jordan’s King at UN calls ISIS “terrorists and criminals” and a “global threat” that must be defeated immediately.
  • Jordan’s King urges 2-state peace deal providing Israel “security” & respecting Palestinian “rights” & “dignity.”
  • Jordan’s King notes his country is caring for 1.4 million refugees from Syria & Iraq, needs more int’l assistance.
  • Palestinian President Abbas at UN repeatedly accuses Israel of “genocide” & “war crimes.”
  • Palestinian President at UN blames Israel for launching recent Gaza War & trying to undermine Palestinian Authority.
  • President Abbas at UN did not mention Israel’s arrest of 90+ Hamas members plotting to kill Abbas & overthrow PA.
  • President Abbas at UN did not mention that he recently called Hamas leaders “liars” & blamed prolonged war on Hamas.
  • Indeed, Palestinian President Abbas does not mention or discuss Hamas at all in his UN speech.
  • President Abbas in his speech said he comes to the UN this year “full of grief, regret and bitterness.”
  • Abbas twice says peace talks w/Israel are “impossible” & urges UN to set a timetable to force a final deal in Israel.
  • It is has indeed been a very painful summer for Palestinians in Gaza. Let us pray for The Lord to heal & comfort.
  • Stark contrast btwn speeches by King Abdullah & President Abbas. Former was peaceful & constructive. Latter was bitter & counterproductive.
  • Amidst enormous tensions in the Mideast, I believe it’s important Christian leaders listen carefully to voice of Jordan’s King Abdullah II.
  • Christian leaders may or may not agree w/all King Abdullah says, but Jordan is an island of moderation in sea of extremism.


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