Does “wave election” suggest America awakening spiritually, able to avoid implosion? Analysis.

What did last Tuesday's "wave election" really mean?

What did last Tuesday’s “wave election” really mean?

As America moves closer — dangerously closer — to implosion, Tuesday’s elections were stunning to the so-called political “experts” and to many of us.

They represented a landslide of support for candidates defending the sanctity of human life, the sanctity of natural marriage, focusing on the importance of balancing the federal budget and not racking up trillions of dollars in new debt, cutting wasteful spending, and vigorously supporting Israel as a key American ally. This was encouraging, not because a certain political party took control, but because people advancing certain values and ideals gained working control of Congress.

The media constantly tells us that defending natural marriage and the sanctity of life are radioactive positions for political leaders. This election wave shows just the opposite. Voters are increasingly pushing back at radical efforts to attack life and marriage, as well as suicidal moves in Washington, D.C. to overspend and bankrupt country.

Does the magnitude of the wave suggest we seeing early signs of a national awakening — a growing desire to save America and get her back on track — before it’s too late?

It is too early to draw such conclusions. But it was striking to see wave election sweeping into federal offices and state offices so many Christian candidates and others defending Biblical values. Will they govern the way they campaigned? Do they have the courage and patience to start turning the federal government in the right direction? Again, it’s too early to say. But let us pray that they do, and let us work to keep their feet to the fire and make them accountable to the people.

That said, let there be no doubt: America is still hurtling towards . We have murdered nearly 60 million babies since 1973. We have piled up nearly $20 trillion debt. If we do not make major changes soon — in our hearts, and in our way of governance — we will face God’s judgment. This is certain.

A Great Awakening is urgently needed. We desperately need to repent of our sins and turn to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to plead with Him for revival in the Church and a wholesale transformation of American society.

At the same time, we need great leadership in Washington and our state capitals to make major reforms before it is too late.

So let us keep praying, keep fasting, keep beseeching the Lord to have mercy on America, even as we keep working to save America spiritually, economically, and in so many other ways.


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