New whispers of an Israeli strike against Iran as nuclear deal deadline passes and Tehran continues to pursue nuclear program unimpeded.

Are we inching closer to war?

Are we inching closer to war?

Today is the deadline to end nuclear negotiations with Iran. Not surprisingly, the international community and Iran have not struck a deal. good, bad or otherwise. Now, another seven months has been added to the discussions. Also not surprising.

Now we face several very serious questions.

  1. Is there any hope of ever concluding a solid, useful deal — or is Iran just running the clock?
  2. Will the lack of a deal cause the U.S., Israel, or any country to take preemptive military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities?

From my vantage point, I think the evidence is clear: Iran’s current leaders have absolutely no intention of curtailing much less dismantling their illegal nuclear program. They are gaming the world community as they make significant advances towards The Bomb.

As serious, a former CIA chief now says he doesn’t believe U.S. intelligence is prepared to catch Iran in building a Bomb in the current environment. “The former head of the Central Intelligence Agency warned Thursday that without an ‘invasive inspections regime’ attached to any deal, ‘I am unwilling to guarantee American intelligence can sufficiently verify the agreement on its own,'” reports Roll Call.

To be clear, I can’t say war is coming. I can say there are whispers here that Israeli leaders may increasingly feel they have no choice. If they conclude military action is the only way, they may also conclude this is the window to strike. A Jerusalem Post headline today reads: “Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran.” It’s worth reading.

As I wrote about recently, here is the context by which Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders are evaluating their options:

An exceeding dangerous moment is coming, largely due to the weakness of Western leaders, our own included.

Is war coming, or is there another way forward? I don’t want to see the U.S. or Israel or any other country have to go to war to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities. But we dare not allow the genocidal mullahs in Tehran to have the capacity to build nuclear weapons, much less the weapons themselves.


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