What’s it like to live in Israel? What does 2015 hold? Listen to year-end interview I did with Moody Radio.

podcastThe other day, I did an end-of-the-year radio interview on the Moody Radio Network. Host Janet Parshall and I covered a range of topics. Among them:

  • What has it been like to live in Israel as new citizens over the past four months?
  • What is it like to celebrate Christmas in Israel?
  • What are the threats are facing Israel as we head into in 2015 — Iran, ISIS, a “third intifada”?
  • What is going on with these new elections, now scheduled for March 17th?
  • How should Christians be praying for Israel these days?
  • What is The Joshua Fund doing these days?

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here. Feel free to share with others on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.


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