Publishers Weekly review praises #TheThirdTarget: “heart-stopping plot about the Islamic State” with “over the top action, down to the last shocking word.”

PW-ThirdTargetWith just three weeks to go before my latest international geopolitical thriller releases in the U.S. and Canada, here is the Publishers Weekly review…..

The Third Target

Joel C. Rosenberg, Author

Known for his globe-spanning thrillers (The Twelfth Imam), many dealing with the interplay between radical Islam and the West, Rosenberg has ripped a page from current headlines with a heart-stopping plot about the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also commonly called ISIS).

When New York Times reporter J.B. Collins is given unprecedented access to world leaders and terrorists, it puts him in a position to advise even the president of the United States about looming chemical weapons attacks and a “third target” besides Syria and Iraq.

The plot is executed with well-paced precision, includes a mysterious Israeli love interest named Yael, and has more than enough to satisfy those who love over the top action, down to the last shocking word of the book.

Rosenberg’s writing skills are impeccable, yet some Christian readers may wonder whether the grisly violence he depicts and the xenophobia it stokes contradict the Christian gospel messages found in the book.


Well, I don’t think you’ll find an “xenophobia” in the book but other than that I’m grateful for this first published review. Can’t wait for the book to release and to hear what you think about the plot, the characters, and the themes in THE THIRD TARGET.

Note: I will be traveling throughout the U.S. for most of the month of January speaking about the novel and doing media. Please watch the blog for details of the book tour schedule, which I hope to post soon.


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