Announcing #TheThirdTarget book tour w/events in NYC, Tyler, Austin, Dallas, Orange County, Ft. Myers & Naples, Florida

TheThirdTarget-smallUPDATED: May God have mercy on the Christians, Jews & Muslims of the Middle East. As the New Year begins, ISIS is slaughtering and terrorizing millions in Syria and Iraq. What will 2015 hold? Will ISIS be stopped? Or is the worst yet to come?

As most of you know, my new novel, The Third Target, imagines a worst-case scenario with ISIS. The thriller officially releases on Tuesday, January 6th. On that day, you can buy the hardcover or audio editions in your favorite bookstore throughout North America. The e-book editions (Kindle, Nook, etc) will also be released globally on that day.

In the lead-up to that release, I’m doing a series of media interviews, starting with the Hannity radio show a few days ago. I am also scheduled to appear on the Huckabee Show on Fox News this weekend. Hopefully, I can use the novel to discuss the urgent issues facing the people of the Middle East, issues that directly affect the national security the American people, and our key allies.

To educate as many people as possible, we’ll also be launching a month-long speaking tour from New York to California. Here are the highlights, but there are many other interviews and some events that I can’t list here.

Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest. And please make plans to join us, if at all possible, at one of these upcoming events. Thanks so much.


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