Exclusive new poll: Americans fear “catastrophic terrorist attacks” by ISIS inside US, Israel & Jordan. “Washington Examiner” reports results of survey commissioned for launch of #TheThirdTarget.

(Headline in today's Washington Examiner)

(Headline in today’s Washington Examiner)

In the wake of the horrific terrorist attack in Paris earlier today, the Washington Examiner published the results of an exclusive poll that we commissioned for the launch of The Third Target novel.

The poll found Americans deeply fear a “catastrophic terrorist attack” by the Islamic State (aka, “ISIS”) inside the United States, against our ally Israel, and against the Kingdom of Jordan, one of our most important moderate Arab allies.

The novel, which was released nationwide yesterday, is a political thriller that imagines ISIS plotting genocidal attacks against all three countries, and launching other terror attacks in Europe and Iraq, as well.

Here’s the story….

Poll: 74% fear ‘catastrophic terrorist attack’ inside United States

By Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, “Washington Secrets Column,” January 7, 2015

Americans are deeply worried that the a “catastrophic terrorist attack” by Islamic militants, like the one Wednesday on a Paris magazine staff, will happen in the United States, according to a new poll.

According to the survey from national pollster McLaughlin & Associates, 74.2 percent of likely voters said they fear terrorists affiliated with the Islamic State will strike U.S. targets if they aren’t stopped. The poll was provided to Secrets.

Worse, they believe the terrorists will use chemical or biological weapons, not just the guns used in Paris on the staff of the humor magazine Charlie Hebdo, which published cartoons the extremists didn’t like.

The poll was commissioned by author Joel C. Rosenberg, the New York Times bestselling author of the new terror thriller, The Third Target.”

He told Secrets today: “The Paris attack is a horrible reminder that we can’t get complacent about radical Islam generally or ISIS specifically.”

As with past books, Rosenberg’s newest about the Islamic State threat is partly built on interviews he conducted with former CIA directors, a leader of Israel’s Mossad, and Middle Eastern rulers including the prime minister of Jordan.

“My original plan was to write a novel that would warn people that ISIS was going to become a serious threat to the U.S., Israel and our Arab allies over the next five years or so. But events have moved much faster that I realized. When I started, President Obama was calling ISIS a ‘JV’ team. Now they are creating genocidal conditions in Syria and Iraq,” he told Secrets.

In the poll, Americans also said that they are worried about an ISIS attack on Israel. Just over 72 percent said they expect an attack there if ISIS isn’t stopped. Below is the poll….

[To read the full poll results concerning fears of a terror attack inside the U.S., Israel and Jordan, please click here]