BREAKING: ISIS targets Jordan, burns pilot alive & releases gruesome video. King Abdullah will meet with President tonight, then cut U.S. visit short to return to Jordan.

New video shows ISIS burning Jordanian pilot alive. (Photo source: Fox News)

New video shows ISIS burning Jordanian pilot alive. (Photo source: Fox News)

Once again the Islamic State has shown just how evil and barbaric it truly is, and this time it is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan that is in the crosshairs.

ISIS jihadists have burned alive the Jordanian fighter pilot it was holding captive. Today they released a 22 minute video of this savage act for the world to see.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II — denounced as “an ally of the crusaders” by ISIS terrorists in the video — was in Washington on Tuesday for several days of meetings with White House and Congressional leaders. He is now cutting his visit short to return to Amman to manage the crisis. But before he leaves, at 6pm eastern, the King will meet with President Obama to discuss the crisis and how he plans to respond.

“Those who doubted the atrocities committed by ISIS now have the proof,” Jordanian government spokesman Mohammad al-Momani said on state TV, according to CNN. “Those who doubted Jordan’s power will soon see the proof as well. (Al-Kasaesbeh’s) blood will not be shed in vain.”

King Abdullah condemned the murder of the pilot, who he said was “killed in defense of his religion, his country and his (Islamic) nation.” The King then said, “It is the duty of the sons and daughters of Jordan to stand together and show the mettle of the Jordanian people in unity, determination and resolve.”

  • Please pray for the Lord to comfort the family and friends of this pilot.
  • Please pray for the King and his advisors to have wisdom how best to respond.
  • Please pray for this doesn’t cause the Jordanian people to abandon the fight against ISIS — Jordan is one of our most important Arab allies and we need the King and his people to be actively engaged in this monumental fight.
  • Please also pray that President Obama, his administration, and Congress will give their full support to the people and government of Jordan at this critical hour. Jordan needs to know just how must America values them and that we will stand faithfully with them against ISIS.

As readers of The Third Target know, I am deeply concerned that ISIS is plotting major attacks not only against the U.S. and Israel, but also Jordan and other Arab allies in the Middle East. I will write more on all this tomorrow, but right now I think the best thing for Christians around the world to do is to pray for the people and leaders of Jordan.

Here is the latest news as of 5pm eastern, midnight Jordan/Israel time: “A new video that surfaced on the Internet Tuesday shows ISIS burning alive a Jordanian pilot the terror group has held since December — an act that reportedly has prompted Jordan to ready the execution of an unknown number of terrorist prisoners,” reports Fox News.

“The 22-minute video, which Jordan said is authentic, brought a grisly end to speculation into the fate of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, 26, who was captured when his plane crashed during a bombing mission in Syria Dec. 24,” Fox News reported. “The video, which reports said could have been made more than a month ago, shows the pilot standing in a cage with a line of fuel leading to him, which is then ignited, causing him to burst into flames. Islamic State had previously sought to trade Al-Kaseasbeh for Sajida al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman who is in a Jordanian prison for her role in a 2005 suicide bomb attack that killed 60 people in Amman.”

“It’s just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization,” said President Obama, who planned to meet Tuesday evening with Jordan’s King Abdullah, who was in Washington. “And I think it will redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of the global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated.”


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