On eve of Purim, Netanyahu warns of rising Persian threat to Israel & the world and danger of making a bad deal with Tehran. Here’s my analysis. (Also: audio my interview with NBC’s Kathie Lee Gifford on the PM’s speech, “Apocalyptic Islam” & “The Third Target”)

The Prime Minister of Israel addressing a Joint Session of Congress on March 3, 2015.

The Prime Minister of Israel addressing a Joint Session of Congress on March 3, 2015.

(Washington, D.C.) — That was one for the ages.

In 25 years living in or near the nation’s capital, I have never actually been to a Joint Session of Congress. But if there was ever a speech I wanted to hear, it was this one.

I wish you could have been there with me. It was so fascinating — and so humbling — to be in the House Chamber as the Prime Minister of Israel arrived to thunderous and continuous applause.

As I listened to him speak, I felt I was witnessing history being made, as if Winston Churchill himself were personally warning us of the gathering storm.

On the eve of Purim, the Jewish holiday remembering the Biblical book of Esther and the Persian plot to annihilate the Jewish people 2,500 years ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned the world of a new Persian/Iranian threat to Israel and the world. He made it clear how dangerous this Iran deal is, and Iran’s repeated threats to annihilate Israel and the U.S., and why we need to work together to stop Iran, not help them get The Bomb. [To read the transcript of the speech, please click here]

It was electric in that chamber. One standing ovation after another. From Democrats and Republicans. Liberals and conservatives. Young and old. Rabbis and pastors. There was such a sense of unity and warmth and bipartisanship. It was so rare, and so refreshing — I’ve never experienced anything else like it in the political realm. [To watch the video of the speech, please click here]

Many of you have emailed or Tweeted me or sent me Facebook messages asking for my observations and analysis. I appreciate that. Late in the afternoon, I was interviewed by Tony Perkins, who had also been to the speech. We spoke for 27 minutes. We analyzed the speech, its substance, its tone, its Biblical allusions, and its implications. Rather than write up an analysis, then, I’d encouraged you to listen to this podcast. [to listen, please click here]

I was also interviewed by Kathie Lee Gifford of NBC’s “Today Show” for her podcast. We discussed the President’s speech, my conversations with Prime Minister Netanyahu about the Iranian threat, the issue of “Apocalyptic Islam,” and my new novel, The Third Target. [to listen to the Podcast — episode 68 — please click here.]

Finally, here’s a new column I published today, “Netanyahu Risks All To Address Congress, Sees The Threat of ‘Apocalyptic Islam.'” It includes excerpts from an interview I did with the Prime Minister several years ago about the End Times theology driving Iran’s leaders. Hope you find it helpful.

Thanks so much — more in the days ahead.


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