Did you miss “The Third Target Simulcast”? You, your Bible study, and/or your church can now watch or show it “on-demand.” Register here.

Simulcast-thirdtargetDid you miss “The Third Target Simulcast”?

I’m so grateful for all of you that watched the simulcast on April 19th and found it informative and encouraging. But we’re hearing from many who weren’t able to watch it that night. So we’ve created a way for individuals, small group Bible studies, and entire church congregations to register to watch the event “on-demand.”

During the event — which I taped at a wonderful church in Texas during the book tour for my latest novel, The Third Target — I explained why I wrote the book, the research I did for the book, the jihadist rampage that is sweeping across the Middle East, how such trends may fit into Bible prophecy, and how Christians can and should stand with our brothers and sisters who are being so terribly persecuted amidst this unfolding crisis.

Among the questions we addressed during the event:

  • Who is ISIS?
  • What do they believe?
  • What do they want?
  • How serious is the threat to us?
  • Is it true that genocidal conditions are emerging for Christians in the Middle East?
  • Is there any good news?
  • How can the Church advance the Gospel amongst Muslims?

For anyone who missed this event, you, your small group, and/or your church — small, medium, or large — can register now to view the simulcast on-demand. Once you register, a representative will contact you and help you with all the logistics.

I hope you find the webcast helpful. Please post your comments on our “Epicenter Team” page on Facebook, or send me a comment on Twitter. And please be praying for all the people of the Middle East — Jews, Muslims and Christians — during this very difficult and challenging time, especially in Iraq and Syria. Thanks so much.