Is the Obama administration preparing to “divorce” Israel? I’ll address this and other questions in Denver on August 6th. “Israel, Iran & ISIS: What’s next?” Register now to attend.

AAA-MinistryArch-event(Denver, Colorado) — A terrible darkness is descending upon the people of the Middle East. The forces of evil are on the march. The forces of freedom seem to be in retreat. And people in the region, in the U.S., and around the world are asking sobering and increasingly urgent questions.

  • Is a new and terrible war coming to the epicenter soon?
  • Is the Obama administration preparing to “divorce” Israel?
  • What exactly are the details of the recent nuclear deal with Iran?
  • Will the deal bring about regional stability as its supporters contend, or accelerate the path to war as its detractors fear?
  • Why are Iranian leaders euphoric about the deal and Israeli and Sunni Arab leaders so deeply concerned?
  • Have the U.S. and the Western powers halted the ISIS onslaught in the Middle East, or is ISIS continuing to take more and more territory and kill and terrorize more and more people?
  • How vulnerable are nations like Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to the Islamic State?
  • What role does Islamic eschatology play in motivating the leaders of Iran and ISIS?
  • How are followers of Jesus in the epicenter faring amidst all the current turmoil, and how can Christians in the West pray for them, support them and encourage them in these dangerous times?

On Thursday evening, August 6th, I’ll address these issues at an event in the Denver, Colorado area. The topic of my address will be, “Israel, Iran & ISIS — What’s Next?” I hope you will join us.

The occasion will be the annual fundraising event for Ministry Architecture, Inc. This is the ministry that my parents (Len and Mary Rosenberg) started around 15 years ago. It provides architectural services at no charge to evangelical Christian ministries operating in developing countries who need orphanages, training centers, medical missionary hospitals, and other facilities to show and share the love of Jesus. Before I speak, my folks will share a bit about the exciting work God is doing through this ministry in various parties of the world, including Africa and Asia. Then I will discuss the latest developments in the epicenter and take your questions.

The event will take place at Calvary Chapel South Denver in Littleton, Colorado, from 7:00pm to 9:15pm. Doors will open at 6:15pm. A contribution of $25 per person is requested to help support Ministry Architecture. Contributions are tax deductible. Registration is required, and you can register at Please join us — I hope to see you there.


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