How would Israel launch a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear program and what might be the blowback? Novel series explores chilling scenario. (Limited time special offer: each novel only $5)

WeeklyDeal-graphic(Denver, Colorado) — What if an American President fundamentally miscalculated and inadvertently allowed Iran to build not just a single nuclear warhead but a small arsenal of nuclear missiles?

What if an Iranian leader — driven by his Shia End Times theology — believed that the only way to hasten the coming of the Islamic messiah (known as the Twelfth Imam), establish a global caliphate and bring about the End of Days was to launch nuclear attacks to annihilate Israel (the “little Satan”) and the U.S. (the “great Satan”).

What if an American President then tried to pressure an Israeli Prime Minister not to launch a preemptive military strike on Iran’s nuclear program, but the Prime Minister decided to order the attack anyway? What might such an attack look like? How might it unfold? And what might be the blowback? Would Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas rain missiles down on the Jewish State, and unleash waves of suicide bombers against Israel and her allies? How would Israel counter such a retaliatory strike?

These are the questions I explored in a trilogy of political thrillers several years ago, starting with The Twelfth Imam, continuing with The Tehran Initiative, and concluding with Damascus Countdown.

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I wish I could say the novels were merely fictional speculation on a highly unlikely scenario. But the events of the past few weeks have, I’m afraid, increased the possibility that such an Israeli first strike on Iran’s nuclear program could actually happen. Consider the following:

One of the key questions — in the novel series, and now in real life — is whether the CIA would really know if and when and where Iran began building nuclear warheads, and could they discover such developments early enough for the U.S. to act decisively to neutralize the Iranian threat?

And if the U.S. didn’t detect an Iranian nuclear breakout — or did but wouldn’t take decisive action — would Israel?

Given the disturbing trend lines in the Middle East right now, I hope you’ll find this trilogy of novels both riveting and informative.