ANNOUNCEMENT: “The First Hostage,” my next novel, releases Dec. 29th. (Here’s an exclusive sneak preview of a thriller about a devastating ISIS attack and the failure of an American President.)

Pre-order today. Releases on December 29th, 2015.

Pre-order today. Releases on December 29th, 2015.

(Denver, Colorado) — “The President is missing….”

With these words, New York Times journalist J. B. Collins — reporting from the scene of a devastating attack by ISIS terrorists in Amman, Jordan — puts the entire world on high alert. The leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority are critically injured. Jordan’s king is fighting for his life. And the American president is missing and presumed captured by the forces of the Islamic States.

As the U.S. government faces a constitutional crisis and Jordan battles for its very existence, Collins must do his best to keep the world informed while working to convince the FBI that his stories are not responsible for the terror attack on the Jordanian capital. And ISIS still has chemical weapons and the intent to commit genocide and establish the caliphate in keeping with their Shia Islamic eschatology.

Struggling to clear his name, Collins — and the Secret Service — try frantically to locate and rescue the leader of the free world before ISIS’s threats become a catastrophic reality.

That’s a quick snapshot of my next book about a devastating ISIS attack and the failure of an American President to comprehend, contain or crush such a great and terrible evil.

On December 29th, THE FIRST HOSTAGE — the high-speed, high-stakes sequel to The Third Target releases nationwide in hardcover, e-book and on audio. It’s the second novel in the J.B. Collins series, and it picks up the action six seconds after the first thriller leaves off with its cliff-hanger ending.

I’ll share more about the novel as we get closer to the publication date. For now, thanks so much to all of you who have been emailing, Tweeting and writing me messages on Facebook asking about this next book. I wrote it in Israel this winter and spring, recently finished editing it, and can’t wait for it to be released. But as always, I just hope and pray none of it really comes to pass.


To pre-order online for delivery December 29th, please click here.



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