Opposition to Iran deal rising fast. Here’s what key Democrats, Israelis, Arab leaders & the latest polls are saying about why the deal is so dangerous.

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(Denver, Colorado) — President Obama is making a hard-sell to build public and Congressional support for the Iran nuclear deal. But he’s face far stiffer resistance than he or his political team expected.

  • The latest polls show the American people oppose the deal 2 to 1 — and the more they learn of the details, the more opposed they become.
  • Key Democrats in in the House and Senate are suddenly breaking with the President and declaring their opposition to the deal.
  • The Canadian government has come out against the deal.
  • Israeli leaders — both the government and the head of the opposition — are against the deal, as are 74% of the Israeli people.
  • Arab leaders are speaking out against the deal, as well.

Yesterday, I published a 17-page analysis of “Why The Iran Nuclear Deal Is So Dangerous” and why it must be stopped by the American people and their representatives in Congress from becoming U.S. law. To read the full report, see the link below.

Today, I’m publishing an 8-page fact sheet detailing the latest polling and quotes by top Democrats, Arab leaders, Israeli leaders and others explaining why they are so deeply concerned. To read the full report, click the link below. For starters, here is some of the latest poll numbers.

What the American people are saying:

  • “Poll: Americans oppose Iran deal by 2-1 margin” (The Hill, 8/3/15)
    • “Nearly six in 10 Americans, or 57 percent, oppose the nuclear deal, while 28 percent voice support for it in the national poll released Monday, in a 2-to-1 margin against the deal.
    • “Republicans strongly oppose the deal brokered by the Obama administration, 86 to 3 percent, while Democrats support the top second-term foreign policy agenda item for President Obama, 52 to 32 percent.
    • “A majority of Americans disapprove the way Obama is handling the situation in Iran (56 percent), compared with 35 percent who approve. A majority (58 percent) also thinks the deal makes the world less safe….
    • “The latest survey from Quinnipiac was commissioned amid testimony on Capitol Hill from Secretary of State John Kerry, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew in favor of the deal.
    • “The survey of 1,644 registered U.S. voters was conducted July 23-28 via landlines and cellphones with a margin of error of 2.4 points.”
  • “New poll shows opposition to Iran deal (Washington Examiner, 7/29/15)
    • 80 percent oppose giving Iran $150 billion in early sanctions absent congressional approval of the deal
    • 72 percent said that Congress shouldn’t approve an agreement that does not allow independent U.S. inspections of Iran’s military laboratories
    • 68 percent don’t believe that inspections overseen by the United Nations that allow up to a 24-day notification period before will prevent Iran from cheating
    • 65 percent think the deal will result in other nations seeking their own nuclear weapons to protect themselves from Iran
    • 63 percent disagree that the deal stops Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
    • “It’s abundantly clear that the more Americans learn about key details within the Iran agreement, the less they like it,” said Pat Caddell, a Democratic pollster who conducted the poll, along with the Republican firm McLaughlin & Associates. “Opposition to the deal is growing as the facts work their way into kitchen table conversations across the country….”
    •  “The poll was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates and Caddell Associates for Secure America Now, a group that bills itself as a nonpartisan organization focused on security issues. It surveyed 800 likely general election voters July 22-23 and had an error margin of 3.5 percentage points, although some message testing questions had an error margin of 4.9 percentage points. Polls gauging American voters’ opinions of the Iran deal have varied, with some showing support and others showing opposition.”
  • To read the full 8-page fact sheet — “What The Opponents Of The Iran Deal Are Saying” — please click here.
  • To read my 17-page detailed analysis — “Why The Iran Nuclear Deal Is So Dangerous” — please click here.



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