My next political thriller, “Without Warning,” releases March 14. Here are the details. (And yes, you can pre-order now.)


UPDATE: I’ll be speaking in Denver, Colorado on October 1st, including Q&A and a book-signing. Please register today by clicking here.

Last night, a blog dedicated to reporting anything and everything about spy novels and political thrillers published the first story on my next novel — its title, cover, and release date. It’s all true, so I thought I’d post the article here for you.

A number of you have already been writing with questions. Here are answers to two of them:

  • Yes, you can now pre-order the novel through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million,, GoodReads, or wherever you like to buy books.
  • Yes, we are planning a book tour. Currently, we’re sifting through various speaking invitations in locations all over the country. I’ll post more on that — and more details about the novel, including exclusive excerpts — in the months to come.


Joel C. Rosenberg’s Next J.B. Collins Novel, ‘Without Warning,’ Scheduled To Hit Bookstores On March 14, 2017

By TheRealBookSpy

Having been called a “modern-day Nostradamus” by U.S. News and World Report,  author Joel C. Rosenberg has made a career out of turning heads with the headline-beating themes and scenarios featured in his novels.

While the bestselling author technically writes fiction, his books (or parts of them) have a remarkable history of coming true after publication.

Rosenberg, who has already penned two brilliant series (one starts with The Last Jihad, the other with The Twelfth Imam), is currently two books into his latest series following J.B. Collins, a foreign correspondent for the New York Times. 

Beginning with The Third Target, which came out in January of 2015, the story follows Collins as he makes his way into the heart of ISIS territory after hearing whispers suggesting that the terrorist organization successfully smuggled chemical weapons out of Syria. Initially hoping to confirm or deny those rumors, a second question soon plagues the young reporter, who begins to wonder if ISIS does, indeed, have chemical weapons, which country might they be planning to use them against?

Later that same year, the second book in the series, The First Hostage, was released. Picking up just seconds from where The Third Target ended (at a rather nail-biting cliffhanger, I might add), Collins finds himself in another unique, high-pressure situation, as he’s the only reporter with insider access to cover the worldwide response to ISIS’s latest attack.

With no new titles being released in 2016, Rosenberg’s fans have anxiously been awaiting any and all updates on the third Collins novel. Good news, though. Not only is the wait for updates finally over, but the countdown to the release of Rosenberg’s next novel officially starts now!

Without Warning, the highly-anticipated follow-up to The First Hostage from Joel C. Rosenberg and Tyndale House Publishers, is scheduled to hit bookstores everywhere on March 14, 2017. (Scroll down to check out the awesome cover art, and to read the official plot details.)

From the publisher:

“As he prepares to deliver the State of the Union address, the president of the United States is convinced the Islamic State is on the run, about to be crushed by American forces once and for all. But New York Times foreign correspondent J. B. Collins tells the president he’s dead wrong. With the Middle East on fire, the Israeli prime minister dead, and Amman in ruins, Collins fears a catastrophic attack inside the American homeland is imminent. He argues that only an all-out manhunt to capture or kill Abu Kahlif―the leader of ISIS―can stop the attack and save American lives. But will the president listen and take decisive action before it’s too late?”

Judging by the plot synopsis, it sounds like Without Warning will be well worth the wait as Rosenberg appears to have written another timely thriller that feels all too plausible in today’s world.

Without Warning, one of the first must-read books of 2017, is already available for pre-order wherever books are sold.