Latest example of liberals turning against Israel? “Columbia prof. says Israel advocates will ‘infest’ Trump administration.” No wonder Millennials are trending in the wrong direction.


UPDATED: Earlier today, the Jerusalem Post published a column I wrote on liberals increasingly turning against Israel.

Need a fresh example?  Check out this breaking headline: “Columbia prof. says Israel advocates will ‘infest’ Trump administration.

Let me be clear: many liberals love Israel and continue to defend the Jewish people and the Jewish State. But the trend lines are troubling.

Yes, overall, the majority of Americans still support Israel and see her as a faithful friend and ally of the U.S. and Western democracy. But the steady drumbeat of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric and biased reporting by liberals throughout academia, the media and the political class are having a deleterious effect, poisoning the thinking of a growing number of Americans.

President Obama’s deeply flawed Mideast policies and highly contentious relationship with Israeli leaders over the past eight years have also had a decidedly negative effect, souring liberal — and especially those who see themselves as “very liberal” — on the morality, trustworthiness and utility of Israel as an ally.

The data show Millennials are souring on Israel. Professors like this one at Columbia are a significant part of the reason why. We need a new approach to reaching Millennials and helping them understand God’s Biblical love and plan for Israel and the Jewish people, while also helping them understand God’s love and plan for Israel’s neighbors.

“True, the Trump-Pence administration is expected to be pro-Israel,” I noted in the Post. “But growing numbers of liberals, Independents and young people are breaking against Israel. This is a serious strategic challenge and one Israeli leaders and American friends of the Jewish state urgently must analyze and address.”

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