We are seeing the greatest advance of the Gospel in the Mideast in human history. Join us at the 2017 Epicenter Conference & discover the dramatic story the media won’t tell you.


Is there any good news in the Middle East today? Yes, there is!

What truly excites me is that amidst the worst persecution in the modern history of the Church, we are seeing the greatest advance of the Gospel and the greatest harvest of souls in the Middle East in the history of the Church.

Today, millions in the region are searching for hope via satellite TV, radio and the Internet. Some are seeing dreams and visions of Jesus. Others are finally reading the Bible — and specifically the New Testament — (or listening to it on audio Bibles) for the first time. They’re carefully examining the claims of Jesus of Nazareth in their heart languages for the first time. They’re asking their most important questions, and getting those questions answered. And they are coming to faith in numbers we’ve never seen before.

This is a story the media won’t tell you — but it’s true, and it’s extraordinary.

That’s why I’d like to you join The Joshua Fund and me on Friday evening, October 6 and Saturday, October 7 for the 2017 Epicenter Conference, being held this year in Southern California.

Because you’ll hear from and meet Jewish, Arab and Palestinian pastors and ministry leaders — dear friends and allies of ours — as they share the story of how the Gospel is advancing and is uniquely being shared in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt amidst enormous challenges.


I believe it’s vital that The Joshua Fund not simply care for the poor and needy — including Holocaust survivors and refugees fleeing from ISIS — though we consider it a tremendous responsibility and great joy to help local congregations in the region provide humanitarian relief.

Given this extraordinary moment in history, it’s also vital that The Joshua Fund invest in Israeli and Arab pastors and ministry leaders, to encourage and refresh them, to pray with and for them, and to help them make disciples and train and equip new believers, and develop young leaders.

And that we educate the Church in North America and around the world about God’s plan and purposes for the people and nations of the epicenter, and how powerfully the Holy Spirit in moving in this region.

In a sense, The Joshua Fund is like a venture capital fund. We’re constantly looking for small but effective ministries. We get to know them. We vet them. We pray for them. And then, if the Lord gives us the green light, we endeavor to invest in them and help them preach and teach and bear even more fruit than perhaps they could have on their own.

Please register today, join us for a fascinating and spiritually powerful event, and come discover a story you simply won’t hear on the evening news.

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