Historic hurricanes. Earthquakes. Genocide. Nuclear threats. And yet new signs of peace in the Mideast? What in the world is going on? Join us at the 2017 Epicenter Conference Oct 6-7 to find out. (Register today)


Day after day, the headlines are more sobering and surreal than the day before.

Cataclysmic at times, yet oddly hopeful and encouraging at others.

What in the world is going on, and what does it all mean?

Next week, I’ll be speaking in Denver on the grave and growing threats posed by Russia, North Korea, and Iran. But I’ll also be giving an update on the dramatically positive turn of events in the war against the Islamic State, and even in the Arab-Israeli conflict — and I’ll be taking your questions. Please do everything you can to join us.


Then I’ll head to southern California to speak at the 2017 Epicenter Conference on October 6 & 7. Joining me will be some of the most encouraging and insightful pastors and ministry leaders from Israel and the Palestinian Authority. It’s been four years since the last Epicenter Conference, and this one could not be more timely, or hopeful — the Holy Spirit is so powerfully today. Come hear what the media won’t tell you!

If you have the opportunity to come to either event — in Denver or in Orange County — please find a way to join us. Details for each event are below. You must register for these events, so please do so today — and invite others via social media, as well.


>> To pre-order a copy of The Kremlin Conspiracy (which releases March 6th), please click here.

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