BREAKING: New audio indicates ISIS leader still alive. World’s most wanted terrorist urges “soldiers of the Caliphate” to “fan the flames of war.”


(Denver, Colorado) — For months, we’ve heard rumors that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State, had been killed.

  • In June 16th, the New York Times reported that Russian forces had killed him.
  • Then the Iranians said they were sure he was dead.
  • In July, the Pentagon said they could not confirm his death, though the rumors persisted.

Now a newly-released audio tape strongly suggests the world’s most wanted terrorist is still alive and calling on “soldiers of the caliphate” to launch a new wave of attacks.

“The date of the 46-minute recording, released via the Al-Furqan news organization, was not clear,” reports Reuters. “But in it, Baghdadi makes an apparent reference to recent events including North Korean threats against Japan and United States and the recapture two months ago of Mosul by U.S.-backed Iraqi forces.”

“Beware of retreat, or the feeling of defeat, beware of negotiations or surrender,” Baghdadi implores ISIS fighters. “Do not lay down your arms…Oh Soldiers of the Caliphate, fan the flames of war on your enemies, take it to them and besiege them in every corner, and stand fast and courageous.”

On Saturday night in Denver, I will speak at length about the progress the U.S. and coalition partners have been making in the war against ISIS, and assess the threat that remains. We’ll talk specifically about the al-Baghdadi tape and its implications. This will be part of a message titled, “Brace For Impact: An Evening Discussing The Latest Threats From Radical Islam, Russia, and North Korea.”  Q&A will follow.

This Fall, my publisher will also release my ISIS novel trilogy — The Third Target, The First Hostage and Without Warning — in mass market paperback. I’ll have more details on that very soon.



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