DEAL: There’s a special sale right now on my political thriller, “The Third Target,” about the ISIS threat to Israel, Jordan & the Palestinians. The e-book is available for only $2.99. Order today.


Today, you can purchase the e-book version of The Third Target for only $2.99. 

As I understand it, this remarkable deal — 81% off the list price — will last through Saturday, January 20th. So if you’re interested please order it quickly, and let your family and friends know, as well.

This is the first in my J.B. Collins series of novels about a New York Times foreign correspondent on the hunt for the leader of the Islamic State and reporting on ISIS’s plans to launch genocidal attacks against the U.S., Israel, Jordan, the Palestinians and Egypt.

It was followed by two more novels in the trilogy — The First Hostage and Without Warning, dealing with ISIS attacks inside the American homeland and the hunt to bring the head of ISIS to justice.

Meanwhile, you can also now pre-order my next political thriller — The Kremlin Conspiracy — before it releases on March 6th.

Hope you enjoy them all!


> To pre-order a copy of The Kremlin Conspiracy (which releases March 6th), please click here.

> To order copies of the new mass market paperbacks of the J.B. Collins novels — my trilogy about ISIS plotting attacks on the U.S., Israel, Jordan and Egypt — please click here.

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