A candid conversation between two friends & allies. The V.P.’s trip to Jordan.


On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence, his wife Karen, and their senior advisors traveled to Amman, Jordan, where the V.P. held critically important bilateral meetings with King Abdullah II — America’s most trusted Arab ally — followed by a working lunch at His Majesty’s main palace.

As the lunch began, the press was permitted to cover the opening remarks of both men. I’ve included both the video and the transcript below, and I would highly encourage you to both watch and read the messages. (I’ve also included the transcript and some video from the V.P.’s meeting with President el-Sisi in Cairo, Egypt.)

I saw two friends and allies being candid with each other over sensitive matters and some serious disagreements on major issues, but also two men taking care to strengthen the core of the friendship and staying focused on why their countries need each other.

I have had the honor of getting to know both men a bit in recent years. I’m deeply grateful for them both. I believe they are both men of peace. And I pray that they and their colleagues can truly find a path forward to help expand the peace that the Jordan and Israel courageously forged some 24 years ago, with the help of American leadership.


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