Rush Limbaugh praises “The Kremlin Conspiracy” on-air as “a superb novel.”


(Washington, D.C.) — On his Friday radio program, Rush Limbaugh gave an nincredible plug for my new political thriller, and I’m very grateful.

Here’s the transcript and a link to the audio:

“By the way, a new book recommendation if you’re looking for something great to read, spy thriller novel stuff — it’s Joel Rosenberg’s The Kremlin Conspiracy, and it’s about real-world events, real live people, Vladimir Putin, a major figure in this. And the way to think about Putin is as Michael Corleone in The Godfather: not rash. Not hotheaded. Not a street thug, but a cold-blooded, calculated killer.  It’s a superb novel.  It’s an edge-of-the-chair, arms-tensed-up-as-you-read-this-thing, and it just came out, and it’s awesome.  It’s called The Kremlin Conspiracy.  Joel Rosenberg, our old buddy here.”

Thanks, Rush! You’re a good friend and I’m so glad you’re enjoying my new novel!



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