“The Kremlin Conspiracy” hits New York Times list of best-selling fiction — and reaches #6 on Publishers Weekly list — on the day of rigged elections in Russia.


(Pensacola, Florida) — We just got the news that The Kremlin Conspiracy has hit the three major national best-seller lists in the United States this week.

Let me just say thank you so much to all of my readers who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of this new novel. I am enormously grateful for your support. And on behalf of our entire team, we are also grateful for all the word of mouth — to everyone who has been writing about and reviewing The Kremlin Conspiracy on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other forms of social media. Please keep it up!

Today, of course, are the presidential elections in Russia. As I’ve noted, “Don’t expect a Pennsylvania-18 race, where the results aren’t known until late in the night. It’s all rigged. The X factor is simple how many people will actually turn out to pledge their loyalty to Czar Putin, and how big Putin’s rigged margin of victory will be.”

I’ll post analysis tomorrow. Please follow me on Twitter for updates on the official results and spin out of Moscow. In the meantime, please keep praying for the people of Russia. Darkness is falling in that historic country, and even darker days lie ahead.



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