Exclusive: “The Persian Gamble” is the name of Joel C. Rosenberg’s next political thriller, scheduled for a March 2019 release. (“The Real Book Spy” website reveals title, cover and early details of my next novel.)


Ryan Steck, editor of The Real Book Spy website — which provides the publishing industry’s best coverage and reviews of political thrillers and spy novels — has a new article out today revealing the title, cover art and some early details of my next novel.

Here are some excerpts:

Buckle up, because former U.S. Secret Service agent Marcus Ryker is set to return next March in The Persian Gamble, the all-new thriller from New York Times bestselling author Joel C. Rosenberg. 

Known throughout his career for penning headline-beating novels, Rosenberg (who was called a “modern Nostradamus” by U.S. News & World Report) was once again right on the money in predicting the amped-up tension between the United States and Russia, the main theme of his last book, The Kremlin Conspiracy (2017), the first title in a new series starring Marcus Ryker.

Last year, ahead of the release of The Kremlin Conspiracy, Rosenberg told me that one of the reasons he was drawn to Russia is because he has Russian roots. “My grandparents on my father’s side were Orthodox Jews who escaped out of Czarist, anti-Semitic Russia in the early years of the 20th century,” he explained. “In 2004, my father and I traveled to Moscow to do research for Epicenter and The Ezekiel Option. I guess I find myself fascinated with — and somewhat haunted by — both the history and the future of Russia.” …..

“I needed a new challenge and wanted to focus on a different part of the world, different enemies. In this case, I kept finding myself drawn to Russia. Moscow was once known as the seat of the ‘Evil Empire’ and I believe it is once again emerging as the center of the most dangerous government on the planet. Remember, Iran, al Qaeda, and ISIS just dream of having nuclear weapons. Moscow not only has them but also has the long-range ballistic missiles to hit every city in NATO and the United States. If they reemerge not simply as a geopolitical challenge but an aggressive enemy, the world will be headed down a very dark road.”

This time around, I reached out to Joel Rosenberg again and asked him what readers should expect from his highly-anticipated new thriller. 

“I think The Persian Gamble may be the fastest-paced thriller I’ve ever written,” said Rosenberg. “My editor actually insisted that in certain places I slow things down so readers can breathe. I’m working on the edits now.”

To follow up, I asked the author if he still felt as though Russia was rising up as the center of the most dangerous government on the planet, to which he answered, “Absolutely,” before adding….

I asked Rosenberg if current headlines played any role at all while he was coming up with the plot for The Persian Gamble. Though he didn’t want to give away too much about the story just yet, he did explain his goals in writing each book, while also teasing a few more tidbits about his next novel. 

“My novels are about worst-case scenarios, terrible events that could happen in the near future though we pray they do not. My goal isn’t to write what’s in the headlines today but what could be coming, God forbid, in a few years. What I loved about writing The Persian Gamble was tying the fate of three enemy powers — Russia, Iran, and North Korea — into one chilling scenario and putting my hero, Marcus Ryker, in the vortex of the danger. Most people see these three countries as threats. But they don’t necessarily see them as allies, actively working together and plotting catastrophic attacks against the West. But that’s what I fear is happening and that’s where I take Ryker and his team. I can’t say more at the moment. I will, but….”

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