Here’s what books I’m reading these days. How about you? I’d love to know.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — Earlier this week, I was asked by some folks on Twitter what I’ve been reading this year. Here’s my list, as well as a more extended list of what I’ve been reading since we moved to Israel (exactly four years ago this month). 

Typically, I’m working on several books at once — a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, along with my daily Bible reading. Many of these I’ve devoured as audio books. I love to download books on my iPhone and listen when I’m driving in the car, flying back and forth to the U.S., whatever. Even a quick trip to the grocery store lets me listen to another 10 minutes of a book, each way. What a great way to use time wisely and get to books I’d otherwise have no time to get to. I highly recommend the practice.

So, what are you reading? I’d love to know. Please post your recent list on my Facebook page or on Twitter. And don’t forget to tell me what city/country you’re writing from. Thanks!


  • Spymaster by Brad Thor — Odd as this may sound, I don’t read much fiction. So, in recent years, I’ve been sampling more. Way overdue reading anything by Thor, a #1 NYT best-selling novelist, so thought I’d get his latest.
  • Into The Hands Of Soliders: Freedom and Chaos In Egypt and the Middle East by David Kirkpatrick — Not sure I’ll agree with all of this NYT journalist’s conclusions, but he lived through the Arab Spring as bureau chief in Cairo so I’m curious what he has to say.
  • Desiring God by John Piper — One of my sons recommended this to me a few years ago. Never got to it. Wish I had. Loving every page.