Is the Iran nuclear threat forging an historic and unexpected alliance between the U.S., Israel and the Sunni Arab world? I’ll address this topic at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. Please join us.


I’ve been invited to speak at the upcoming Values Voter Summit and am honored to accept. Now that our family lives in Jerusalem, Tony Perkins has asked me to come back to Washington and address the Summit on my perspective on:

  • the 70th anniversary of Israel’s prophetic rebirth
  • the most serious security threat facing Israel today: the Iranian nuclear program and Russia’s collusion with the ayatollahs of Tehran
  • the fascinating alliance that is emerging between the U.S., Israel and the Sunni Arab world
  • the state of the Church in the Middle East, a region I call the Epicenter

In addition, I’ll be doing a book signing for my most recent political thriller, The Kremlin Conspiracy.

Please register today to secure your spot at the Summit. It’s quite a line up of speakers this year, and I very much look forward to being there and would love to meet you.



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