Some Democrats rightly denounce Rep. Omar’s ugly, anti-Semitic remarks. But much more is needed. She must be censured & removed from Foreign Affairs Committee, as I said on Fox News.


(Washington, D.C.) — An ugly series of anti-Semitic statements have erupted from freshman Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, triggering global headlines and denunciations of her by top Democrat leaders.

Ms. Omar is living the American Dream. A Muslim born in war-torn Somalia, she and her family immigrated to the United States when she was a child. She became a naturalized citizen, grew up in the Midwest, and now serves in the most powerful legislative body on the planet. It’s a beautiful personal story, yet she has chosen to leverage it against Jewish Americans. 

Among the statements that are drawing fire from Democrats and Republicans alike:

“Something has seriously wrong with the Congresswoman,” I said on an interview on Fox News on Wednesday night. “I mean, she has a great story, a great personal story, and yet she has unleashed of remarks. And let me just quote from the Democratic leadership — ‘vile, hateful, hurtful, classically anti-Semitic’ — I could go on. And that’s just from Speaker Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Eliot Engel, and I agree with them. And she has apologized, except that she keeps doing it. There needs to be a penalty for this. They need to take her Foreign Affairs Committee seat to make it clear this is not business as usual. This is really ugly behavior, and you don’t want it permeating the Democratic Party.”  

Since that interview, things have gotten worse. The Democratic leadership was set to pass a resolution this week denouncing anti-Semitism. Yet Speaker Pelosi began to equivocate on the language in the resolution after many Democrat Congressmen and women defended Rep. Omar. At the moment, it’s not clear a resolution will be brought to the floor at all, and if it is, it apparently won’t name Rep. Omar.

This is appalling. If Speaker Pelosi and her fellow Democratic leaders don’t have the moral clarity to take a firm stand against clear-cut anti-Semitism — especially when 70% of Jewish Americans vote Democrat — do they have any red lines at all? 

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