I just finished the manuscript for my new thriller after “The Persian Gamble.”


(Washington, D.C.) — Can’t give you any specific details yet — sorry! Later this year, we’ll reveal the title, cover art and exact release date. 

But I’m so grateful for the very positive reaction we’ve gotten for The Kremlin Conspiracy and The Persian Gamble, and just wanted you to know I’ve been hard at work on this new one since the beginning of January.

Yesterday, I turned in the manuscript to my literary agent and publishing team. In a few weeks, I start working with my editor to sharpen and polish it and advance reader copies will be going out to reviewers this Fall. We expect the book to release next Spring.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers as to whether this series about Marcus Ryker, the former Secret Service agent, is only a trilogy. Many seem to be assuming this because my last two series were trilogies. That’s actually not my intention for this one. Honestly, I haven’t decided how many Ryker novels I’ll write before I retire him….or kill him off. But just be aware that as of now, I’m plotting out a fourth installment.

Hope you’re all about to have a great summer — and hope you’ll be taking my novels to the beach, and encouraging others to do the same!




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