Why don’t all Christians have God’s love for both Israelis and Arabs, and why are too many ashamed to share the Gospel with us? This was what I discussed at Dr. John Piper’s seminary this week. (Here’s the video of the chapel service.)


(Minneapolis, Minnesota) — For the last several days, I have been in the Twin Cities, speaking at four events at Bethlehem College & Seminary. The school was founded by Dr. John Piper, the internationally renowned Evangelical pastor, theologian and author, and a man who has had a profound impact on my spiritual life, though until we had a lovely dinner this week we had never met.

On Wednesday morning — Yom Kippur, as it happened, the Day of Atonement for the world’s 17 million Jews — I was asked to preach at chapel (to watch the full message, please click here). I chose for my text Romans 1:14-17, in which the Apostle Paul wrote, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it it the power of God for salvation for everyone who believes, to the Jew first, and also to the Greeks (Gentiles).”

In this critically important yet far-too-seldom-preached passage, Paul calls the Church to be loving yet bold in making sure that every Jewish person and every non-Jewish person in the world has the opportunity to hear the Gospel message in its entirety and to make an informed decision to receive or reject Jesus as Messiah and Savior.

Paul, as we know, was severely persecuted for being so passionate about telling all people the good news of Jesus, but what I love about him was that he was neither ashamed nor afraid.

Sadly, not all Evangelicals share Paul’s passion. And in my message — which begins far more emotionally than I’d expected or intended — I explain why.

I hope you’ll watch the entire sermon — which runs about 31 minutes, and share it with others. Thanks, and God bless you.


(Photos: 1) chapel service screenshot; 2) Dr. John Piper and his wife, Noel; 3) me and my friend of 23 years, Rick Segal, who serves as VP for Advancement at Bethlehem.)