Give the gift of Marcus Ryker this Christmas! Give your family and friends “The Persian Gamble” and “The Jerusalem Assassin.” Here’s how.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — Looking for great gifts now that Thanksgiving is over?

Give your friends and family the latest adventures of former Marine and U.S. Secret Service agent, Marcus Ryker.

High-speed, high-octane thrills without the high price.

My latest Ryker novel, The Persian Gamble, is now out paperback and sells for only $16.99. The next Ryker thriller, The Jerusalem Assassin, releases next Spring in hardcover for only $25. Wrap the first one and put it under the tree, and attach a card explaining the second one will arrive on their doorstep on March 17th! What could be better?

(If they don’t have The Kremlin Conspiracy — the first in the Ryker series — you can get that in paperback, too, for under $15.)

After all, nothing says “Happy Holidays” like explosions, assassinations, car chases, and Marcus Ryker trying to protect us from nuclear annihilation.


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