First Review: #TheJerusalemAssassin is a “chilling, thought-provoking thriller….No question it will stand among the year’s best thrillers….Rosenberg’s ability to write prophetic fiction is simply unmatched by anyone else in the genre today.” Pre-order today. Novel releases March 17th.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — The first review is in and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks so much to Ryan Steck, editor of The Real Book Spy, the leading website for news and reviews of spy novels and thrillers!


Former Secret Service agent turned CIA operative Marcus Ryker returns in the latest chilling, thought-provoking thriller from Joel C. Rosenberg. 

Following the events of The Kremlin Conspiracy and The Persian Gamble, American president Andrew Clarke is determined to help broker a historic peace deal in the Middle East, which he plans to announce from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem alongside Israel’s prime minister, Reuven Eitan, and the king of Saudi Arabia.

Complicating matters, though, enough to threaten the unprecedented agreement, are the Palestinians, who openly reject such a treaty. 

Things take a dark and sudden turn when a number of high-ranking American officials are brutally assassinated one by one, including a close personal friend of Ryker, who has already lost far too many loved ones in his life. Worse yet, intelligence reports suggest that terrorists plan to target the announcement on the Temple Mount. In response to the mayhem, President Clarke tasks Ryker to assemble and his team to go after whoever is behind the killings and put a stop to things before it’s too late.

Having spent decades honing his skills, most of which were aimed at protecting the president, Ryker gets to work on tracking down whoever is behind the assassinations—but when he uncovers another plot to take out the commander-in-chief in hopes of destabilizing the region, all bets are off as Marcus races to stop the attack before it’s too late. 

Over the course of his brilliant career as New York Times bestselling novelist, Joel Rosenberg has made a name for himself by successfully predicting a number of world events well before they happened, to the point that his readers have come to expect such a feat with each passing book.

But this time, he’s truly outdone himself. Forget beating the headlines . . . The Jerusalem Assassin is quite literally playing out in real-time. Anyone who has paid any attention to current events will see the astonishing parallels, proving yet again that Rosenberg’s ability to write prophetic fiction is simply unmatched by anyone else in the genre today. 

Beyond his vast understanding of geopolitics, Rosenberg continues to expertly flesh out his latest series protagonist, once again displaying the right touch and balance between humanizing Marcus and allowing him to remain slightly larger than life.

Flawed yet capable, Ryker is everything you want in a character. In fact, when you consider the long line of past successful leads—from Jon Bennet to David Shirazi and J.B. Collins, all of whom anchored earlier series—Ryker…is fast becoming Rosenberg’s best character to date.

Add to the mix Rosenberg’s trademark breakneck pacing, and there’s no question that his latest will stand among the year’s best thrillers. 

Joel C. Rosenberg’s The Jerusalem Assassin is so timely that it’s almost as if news agencies around the world don’t know what headline to use until he writes it for them….trust me, do not miss this book! 




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