UPDATE: President to address nation at 9pm eastern on global pandemic crisis. Markets shaken. NYSE down 20% from start of the year. Here’s the latest.


(Washington, D.C.) — With fear spreading across the country, shortages at grocery store as people stock up on supplies, and increasingly shaken financial markets, President Trump will address the nation tonight on the global pandemic known as coronavirus.

The President is expected to:

  • Provide an update on the state of the crisis here in the U.S. and globally.
  • Explain how the federal government will work with state and local officials and health providers to contain and vanquish the virus.
  • Explain how the government will try to shore up an economy that was roaring but is now likely headed into recession or worse if the crisis doesn’t end soon.
  • Speak to investors who are pulling their money out of the markets.
  • “The longest-ever bull market for U.S. stocks ended Wednesday,” reported the Wall Street Journal. “The downturn, marked by a 20% decline from the most recent high for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, heightens fears that the economic expansion that began following the financial crisis could also be on its last legs.”

I’ll do my best to keep you posted via Twitter and this blog.

Please pray for world leaders and health authorities to have the wisdom — and God’s mercy — to save lives and quickly and effectively stop this virus before it becomes a worst-case scenario.

Please pray that the Lord would be gracious to those whose jobs and businesses are being adversely affected by the virus.

Please pray for God’s mercy on the 100,000+ people who have already contracted the previously unknown disease for which there is currently no vaccination or unique cure.