“How Can I Live By Faith, Not Fear, Amidst Worst Case Scenarios?” Did you miss the special webcast we did from Jerusalem? Watch the 55 minute video online for free. Here are the details. (Please share with family and friends.)


(Jerusalem, Israel) — Thanks so much to everyone around North America and the world who watched the webcast. And thanks to everyone who has sent me notes and comments. Hope you found the event helpful.

If you missed it, here’s the link to the site. The moment you register, you’ll be allowed to watch the recorded video for free. It’s not available on YouTube — only here. 

(Please share this message and the link with family and friends on social media so they can watch as well.) 


Join Joel Rosenberg for an exclusive webcast from Jerusalem, where he will share a message of hope and encouragement from the Scriptures that will help bring peace to you during these difficult global situations. Joel will share with you from his own life experiences, and answer your questions.

Register today – and encourage others on social media to register, as well – for this unique event in an unprecedented time.

Joel C. Rosenberg is not simply a New York Times best-selling author with some 5 million copies of his novels and non-fiction books in print. He’s an author known around the world for writing about – sometimes even seeming to predict – worst case scenarios. And creating characters forced to operate in times of grave danger and distress.

Joel is no stranger to the subject – he and his family live in the Middle East, he runs a ministry that has invested more than $50 million in strengthening the Church in Israel and the Arab world, and he’s traveled to and ministered in war zones, from the borders of Gaza to Iraq and Afghanistan.

As Joel travels across the U.S. and around the world, he regularly speaks to audiences and meets with religious leaders and heads of state.

Click here to watch for free.



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