EXCLUSIVE: My interview with VP Pence on stunning Mideast peace deals — plus my interviews on Fox News, CBN & our ALL ISRAEL NEWS team’s full coverage of #AbrahamAccords

Washington, DC — Huge news day, one for the ages.

By the grace of God, my team and I were able to cover it from multiple angles for ALL ISRAEL NEWS and ALL ARAB NEWS, including an exclusive interview with Vice President Pence just after the historic White House signing event.

What’s more, the Lord opened up doors for me to be interviewed — as editor of our two new sites — by Fox News, CBN News, Israel’s i24 News, the Jerusalem Post, Wall Street Journal and numerous other outlets.

Here are just a few of the stories I thought you might find interesting. Please share them with others on social media. And let me know what other stories we should be covering.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pence to ALL ISRAEL NEWS: President threw out old play book in brokering 2 Arab-Israeli peace deals

Fox News panel: Rosenberg discusses Abraham Accords and Saudi pathway to peace with Israel (watch the video)

Israel, UAE and Bahrain peace deal — Prophetic, historic, personal for me, Rosenberg tells CBN News.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Emirati, Bahraini peace deals with Israel could be a ‘win, win, win’ for Palestinians, but major change of strategy needed, former Palestinian negotiator tells ALL ARAB NEWS

The UAE’s Yousef Al Otaiba: the most influential Arab ambassador In Washington

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Israel’s opposition leader gives rare credit to Netanyahu, praises UAE peace deal as ‘fantastic’ and a ‘great move’ — In exclusive interview with ALL ISRAEL NEWS, Yair Lapid says he has plenty to criticize Netanyahu about, but PM’s decision to make peace with Abu Dhabi is not one of them.

There is much, much more on both sites, including the full texts of the agreements that were signed, and exclusive interviews by top Jewish and Evangelical leaders.

I hope you’ll take time to go to ALL ISRAEL NEWS and ALL ARAB NEWS and see what we’re doing. Thanks so much.

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