THE BEIRUT PROTOCOL hits #39 on USA Today bestseller list. Thriller explores eruption of a Third Lebanon War even as tensions really heat up on Israel-Lebanon border.

JERUSALEM — We just got some great news!

The Beirut Protocol has debuted in the Top 40 of the USA Today’s list of 150 bestselling books of all kinds in the United States.

Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased a copy — and bought them for family and friends. And thanks to everyone who has enjoyed this one and written good reviews and sent us kind notes and promoted the novel on social media. We really appreciate it!

If you haven’t gotten yours yet, the best deal I’m seeing right now is getting the ebook version on Amazon’s Kindle— that’s 45% off the hardcover price.

But there are certainly other very good deals out there in hardcover, ebook and audio formats, so definitely shop around at your favorite bookstore!

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