FMR. PALESTINIAN TERRORIST EMBRACES JESUS, NOW LOVES ISRAEL AND JEWS: And please pray for Rifqa Bary, a Christian convert from Islam who fears “honor killing”

This morning CBN is running a story about a former Palestinian terrorist named Tass Saada who has renounced Radical Islam, renounced the PLO, become a follower of Jesus Christ and become a friend of Israel and the Jewish people. Saada’s testimony is as miraculous as it is dramatic. Saada was one of our featured speakers at the 2009 Epicenter Conference in April, which is where CBN reporter Erick Stackleback sat down with him to do the interview for today’s story. Saada is also featured in the forthcoming Inside The Revolution documentary film, releasing next week on DVD. Please be praying for Tass — for courage and boldness to continue his ministry sharing the good news of Christ’s unconditional love for the Palestinian people and all Muslims and Jesus’ desire to forgive Muslims and give them hope, peace and eternal salvation if they give their lives to Him.

Meanwhile, please pray for Rifqa Bary, the 17 year old Sri Lankan girl from Ohio who converted from Islam to Christianity four years ago but has now fled to Florida after her father discovered her conversion and allegedly threatened to kill her as part of what’s known in Radical Islam as an “honor killing.” A Florida court has given her temporary protection as the state investigates the girl’s fears and allegations. This appears to be the first time a U.S. court has dealt with the issue of a threatened honor killing, though apparent honor killings have occurred in the last year or so in Buffalo, Atlanta and Irving, Texas. (see links below)

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