UPDATE ON 9/11 EVENT: Enormous volume briefly crashes webcast system

>> Joel will be speaking at all four Sunday services at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia on Sept. 13 — please join us if you can

Thanks so much to all of you who joined us for the National Town Hall Meeting online, and by TV and radio. The volume of traffic into the site at 7pm eastern was so enormous and so fast that our entire webcast system crashed. By God’s grace, our technical team was able to get the system back up and running, but please accept my apologies that many of you weren’t able to see the first 20-25 minutes of the event, and that quite a few churches were never able to log on.

Our team is working around the clock on several ways for people to be able see the webcast. Lord willing, we will be able to get an archived version of the event up on the site by early next week, as well as a podcast that you can download. The two-hour radio special version that ran on hundreds of stations last night should be available online at www.insidetherevolution.org this weekend. Thanks so much for your patience and prayers, and thanks again for your interest and support.

UPDATE: As of 6pm Saturday night, the Inside The Revolution DVD had hit #2 on the Barnes & Noble website, second only to Dan Brown’s forthcoming new novel.

Here’s some early feedback from viewers across the U.S. and around the world:

  • From a pastor serving in the Muslim world: “What an incredible event to prepare hearts to complete the task! The whole evening clearly was blessed by God and you communicated so well how to ‘understand the times and know what we must do.’ Thank you so much for all your hard work to honor God, teach us all, and encourage our socks off about what we need to be doing before He returns.”
  • From a senior pastor in the U.S.: “As the ITR showing last night, it was fabulous!  It exceeded my expectations….We had 400-500 in our sanctuary and the feedback I got as people were leaving was ‘incredible,’ ‘this was amazing,’ etc….I think the part that amazed people the most was the emphasis on the Revivalists among Muslims.  People left so encouraged and challenged about a new perspective on the Muslim people — that God loves them and wants to save them too, and He is doing amazing and miraculous things in bringing countless numbers to Christ.  I’m sure it cut through the bad feelings some have toward Muslims since 9/11.”
  • From an assistant pastor in the U.S.: “The format was very engaging and the information was informative and mobilizing. We loved the stories….The section on Revivalists was awesome. Loved how this was a little longer than the other two sections….You all communicated in sync. We could tell each of you love Christ with all your heart, soul, mind and strength….Janet did an amazing job keeping you all focused and knew exactly what points to drive home”
  • From a lay person: “What an awesome program this was last night!!!….I will be purchasing the DVD to learn more about loving Islam to Christ and so much more. As Joel said: LEARN, PRAY, GIVE AND GO! God’s work is before us and it is our commission to press on.”
  • From a Christian in Jerusalem: “Just finished watching the event….Great and timely message.”

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