>> NOTE: Joel will appear live from Israel on Bill Bennett’s nationally syndicated radio show on the Salem Radio Network on Friday at 6:30am eastern time. Guest host: Rick Santorum.

Our first-ever Epicenter Conference in Asia  is just two weeks away in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. By God’s grace, interest in this series of public events focused on blessing Israel and teaching the prophetic “Signs of the Times” seems to be building. Yesterday, the city’s leading daily newspaper ran a story in the Lifestyle section describing the conference and profiling me and the books I have written about the Middle East and Bible prophecy.
Excerpts from the story in the Philippine Daily Inquirer: ”Of his readers, Rosenberg explains, ‘They are finding that merely looking at events through political and economic lenses doesn’t allow them to see in three dimensions. To truly understand what’s happening in the world, they are discovering they need to view events through spiritual lenses as well. They are facing war and rumors of wars but they are not simply on a geopolitical journey. They are on a spiritual journey. They are asking existential questions. They are wondering if something larger is going on, and it is.’ From Jan. 16-24, Rosenberg will be visiting Manila for a conference with businessmen and influential leaders, Christian leaders and youth leaders. ‘The question is-where is the God of the Bible in all this? Where do we find hope? Where do we find peace?,’ asks Rosenberg. ‘And I think that is the importance of a conference like this right now.’ Joel Rosenberg’s Signs of the Times Leaders’ Dinner Conference is on Jan. 21 at Crowne Plaza Hotel.”


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