Many Christians are emailing me and asking if they should visit Israel this year to tour the Land, pray for peace, and help prepare for war. I would say “yes,” so long as the Holy Spirit gives you peace to go and you fully understand how volatile the situation is. You must remain deeply prayerful, highly vigilant, and very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Things can change in a moment of time. Right now, on the surface, Israel is more secure and more peaceful than it has been in 62 years. But if Netanyahu concludes Iran is about to really have a nuclear weapon, he may choose to launch a preemptive strike without warning. Threats remain from Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria, as well. We simply cannot rule out a war this year. That said, I just spent two weeks in Israel. My team and I plan to be making regular trips into Israel in 2010. This is not a time to abandon the Jewish State. To the contrary, we should do more to show our unconditional love and unwavering support to the people of Israel, no matter what happens.