“IRAN WILL DELIVER TELLING BLOW TO GLOBAL POWERS FEB. 11”: Joel wraps up world teaching tour

>> World dignitaries, thousands of guests to arrive in Vancouver, Canada on Feb. 11 for Olympic Games….opening ceremonies to begin Feb. 12….security complexity enormous….please be praying.

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the nation will deliver a harsh blow to the ‘global arrogance’ on this year’s anniversary of the Islamic Revolution,” says a new report out of Tehran. It’s not yet clear what Ahmadinejad means. But President Obama has ordered the Pentagon to beef up missile defenses and other defenses in the Gulf region to protect Saudi Arabia, the emirates, and U.S. forces in the region. Developing.

JOSHUA FUND UPDATE: Thanks for everyone’s prayers for my health and safety. I finally returned home last night after a 25,797 mile journey around the world preaching the gospel, teaching Bible prophecy, sharing the ministry of The Joshua Fund, encouraging Christian leaders, and trying to mobilize believers to bless Israel in real and practical ways at this critical hour.

The weekend teaching more than 7,000 Canadian evangelical Christians at the Break Forth conference in Edmonton, Alberta, was particularly wonderful. Yes, there were some speakers I disagree with. But Lynn and I were deeply blessed by the teach of Anne Graham- Lotz and Frank Peretti, and the amazing music of Robin Mark, the Gettys and the Newsboys. The best part (aside from the fact that my wife, Lynn, joined me for the entire weekend) was having a private lunch with Anne Graham-Lotz, her daughter Morrow, and our dear friends Tom and JoAnn Doyle of e3 Partners. Anne is a first-rate Bible teacher, is passionate about awakening the Church to true repentance and revival in these last days before the return of Jesus Christ, and of course has a remarkable heritage being a daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham. She told us that she was born in May 1948 — the same month the modern State of Israel was miraculously and prophetically reborn — and thus seeks to live her life in the light of her belief that she is part of the last generation before the Rapture (see Matthew 24). Lynn and I have been impressed with the ministry the Lord has given her, including her “Just Give Me Jesus” events all over the world. Last year, she held such a conference in Manila with the same church leaders who invited me last month. We had a great time comparing notes of what we see God doing, and the alarm bells that are going off in our world that indicate time is short.

We asked her how her father is doing and she said pretty well. He turned 91 last fall. While his mind is still sharp, Anne said, his sight is failing him. Still, his nurses read him the Bible several times a day, he still memorizes Scripture, and he’d still love to preach one more sermon before the Lord takes him home. Please join me in praying for Billy Graham’s health, strength and faith to be strong and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. And please pray for Anne, her family, and the ministry the Lord has given them as well, as well, that many millions more would be impacted for Christ.

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