ISRAEL LAUNCHES EFFORT TO DRAW MORE EVANGELICALS: Meanwhile, shots fired in church in Muslim country

*** Shots fired at church in a Muslim country in the Middle East. ***

*** Hundreds of Christians massacred in Nigeria; new reports of persecution of Christians in Iran, Morocco ***

“Israel’s Tourism Ministry is joining forces with a major American Evangelical movement to boost travel to the Jewish state,” reports the Jerusalem Post. “The partnership…comes amid a major tourism push outlined by Tourism Minister Stas Meseznikov during a recent visit to the United States. The multi-year campaign, which targets both Jews and non-Jews, will include a $38 million marketing budget – more than twice last year’s budget. The U.S. is Israel’s ‘number 1 source country for incoming tourism,’ Meseznikov said. ‘The segmented, focused and intensive marketing activities of the Tourism Ministry will lead to a slowing down of the decrease in tourism and a return to an increase in incoming tourism next year.’ The push for visits to Israel by Evangelicals was made during CUFI’s annual summit, held last week in Washington. Officials outlined a new task force to promote Christian tourism in Israel. Led by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Meseznikov and CUFI Chairman Pastor John Hagee, it will include an annual conference in Israel and conference calls with senior Israeli officials every three months…..”