MOROCCO UPDATE: More than 100 Christian workers expelled so far.

The Wall Street Journal today published an editorial properly lauding Congressman Frank Wolf of  Virginia for his efforts to convince the government of Morocco to stop expelling followers of Jesus Christ from their country. In recent months, Morocco has unfairly and unwisely expelled more than 100 Christian workers (U.S. citizens, as well as those from other countries). These are people who love the people of Morocco and are seeking to bless them in real and practical ways, motivated by the teachings of the Bible. I commend the editorial, Expelled in Morocco: A U.S. ally mistreats American Christians, to  your attention. Please continue to pray for the Lord to change the heart of King Mohammed VI and his advisors and allow these faithful and loving Christians back into the country. Please also pray that the Lord would build and strengthen His church inside of Morocco because of this persecution. After all, Jesus said, “I will build My Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” The Lord Jesus loves the people of Morocco and He will not forget about them. Let us not forget them either.

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