REMEMBERING 9/11: HOW HAVE YOU CHANGED OVER PAST TEN YEARS? Please join us for the “Wake Up Call” webcast on Sunday

Ten years have passed since the horrific terrorist attacks on America by Radical Islamic terrorists. That was a wake up call for our country. But were we listening?
Are you morally and spiritually better off ten years after 9/11? Is your family? Is your church? God didn’t cause 9/11 to happen. Fanatics devoted to the false teachings of Radical Islam caused 9/11 to happen. But the True and Living God — the God of the Bible — let it happen to shake America. To get our attention. To wake us up. Were we listening? And where do we go from here?
On Sunday night, 9/11, Anne Graham Lotz and I will host a special event to remember that event and to call the Church to fasting, prayer and repentance, to a deeper walk with Christ, more hunger for His Word, and more faithfulness in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Hebrew Prophet Joel wrote: “Wake up and weep, you drunkards!” Why? “For the Day of the Lord is coming; surely it is near.” (Joel 1:5, 2:1)
I hope you will join Anne and me for this “Wake Up Call” special event which begins Sunday night, September 11th at 7pm eastern — you can watch it for free on-line by clicking here and walking through the simple steps. On this site, you can also find out where you could watch the event at one more more than 300 churches Sunday night, or listen on one of more than 500 Christian radios that will be simulcasting the event. Or you can watch on satellite TV in anyone of 200 countries, including Israel. Please also be praying for us and for the event and for those who will be watching and listening. Please pray, too, that the Lord would use this event to wake up more of His people to love Him and serve Him ever more faithfully. And please invite family and friends to participate in this event as well. May it be a blessing to them, and to you as well. Thanks so much, and may God bless you.
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