ISRAELI STRIKE ON IRAN MORE LIKELY AFTER ELECTIONS THAN NOW: Also, Iran’s currency plunging due to sanctions

Could Israel soon launch a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities despite intense White House pressure not to? The scenario portrayed in my novel, The Tehran Initiative, could still happen soon. But in light of Netanyahu’s speech to the U.N., it now seems the likelihood is very low this month. That’s a significant change from a few weeks ago. Israeli leaders now seem prepared to wait in part to see if Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney wins on November 6th. Also, Jerusalem is watching Iran’s crumbling economy. The Jerusalem Post reports: “The Iranian rial plunged more than 13 percent in open-market trade on Monday to a new all-time low of about 33,500 per US dollar, traders and currency-tracking websites said, meaning the currency has lost about a quarter of its value in the past week.” Could international sanctions force political change in Tehran? Unlikely, but possible. Let’s keep praying for peace, but preparing for war.

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